Authors: Mark Juran and Fran Donato
Development: Ian Lemke
Editing: Erin Kelly
Art Direction: Richard Thomas
Layout and Typesetting: Kathleen Ryan
Cover Design: Robert Dixon and Lawrence Snelly
Interior Art: Hillary Miller
Photographer: J. Lank Hancock
Models: Megan Walters, D.J. McBride, Seth Hancock, Kalina Mercer, Paul Mercer, Heidi Pritchett, Reyer Withrow, and Geoffrey Fortier
We would also like to acknowledge the models from The Masquerade, Second Edition who were left out: Omar Miller, David Clark, Susie Wiggins and Lee Anne McCullough.
Special Thanks to: Rich "Top Secret" Thomas, for keeping Ventrue under wraps.
Josh "Dark Stalker" Timbrook, for succumbing to his vices.
Chris "Coprporal Hicks" McDonough, for his late-night antics with the intercom system.
Aileen "Night Owl" Miles, for becoming one of us.
Larry "Itchy" Snelly, for finally callin' the Orkin man.
Kathy "XX" Ryan, for the impending slumber party.
Rob "Born in a Barn" Dixon, for doing the wrong thing too many times and getting his desk toilet-papered.
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: 1994
Pages: 108
Year: 1994
Publication #: WW 4500
Reference #: ISBN 1-56504-500-9
Price: $15.00

The Book of Props is a guidebook for making live-action roleplaying more immersive for its participants, not only through the use of physical artifacts like costuming, makeup, stage props and set design but also through character-development exercises and stage acting techniques. The book was written for The Masquerade (the LARP that later became Laws of the Night), although much of its guidance could easily be applied to any other LARP.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Where Time Has No Boundaries...
Enter the lairs of the Damned. Uncover chambers that have been hidden from mortal view for centuries. Delve into the most foreboding corners of your imagination. Discover tomes, artifacts, and remarkable havens. Or avoid the skulking and immerse yourself in the lights and sounds of your very own nightclub.
Bring Your Stories into Vivid Reality...
You can go to all these places and more, without ever leaving your home. The Book of Props will take you there. The Book of Props is a comprehensive how-to for designing everything from sets to costumes to believable characters. This book combines the best of Live-Action and stage theatre, enabling you to bring the World of Darkness alive as it's never been before.
The Book of Props features:
  • Professional tips on costumes, props, and makeup;
  • Set design, from simple changes anyone can throw together to elaborate constructions detailed with step-by-step precision; and
  • Techniques and tips actors use to get into and maintain a persona.


Chapter One: Character DevelopmentEdit

Chapter Two: CostumingEdit

Chapter Three: MakeupEdit

Chapter Four: Personal PropsEdit

Chapter Five: SetsEdit


The title of the book is given as "The Props Book" on its spine and nowhere else.

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