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Written by:

Steven C. Brown, Phil Brucato and Robert Hatch

Additional Material:

"Harvest Time" by James A. Moore
"Beyond the Tapestry" by Kathleen Ryan

Developed by:

Phil Brucato

Edited by:

Robert Hatch

Art Director:

Richard Thomas

Layout and Typesetting:

Sam Chupp


Joshua Gabriel Timbrook, Larry MacDougall, Quenton Hoover, Drew Tucker, Lawrence Allen Williams, Craig Gelmore, Elliott, Andrew Robinson, Jeff Menges

Front Cover:

Scott Hampton

Front & Back Cover Design:

Michelle Prahler

Special Thanks to:

Brian "Sorcerer's Apprentice" Campbell, for making mushrooms sing.
Rob "Smoldering Angst" Hatch, for being Harlan Ellison's long-lost love child.
Mark "Singin' in the Rain" Rein•Hagen, for his Gene Kelly impression.
Steve "Stream-of-Consciousness" Brown and Phil "Gordian Knot" Brucato, for their mutual admiration society.
Ken "Out, Out, Damn'd Printer" Cliffe, for teaching the spider to fetch.
Stewart "Elric with a Buzz Cut" Wieck, for being around whenever Phil was cursing at the machines.
Bill "Glass Walker" Bridges, for teaching Phil how not to curse at the machines.
Andrew "Bibliomancer" Greenberg, for that handy reference library.
Shadow "Bad Office Humor" Leid, for her amazing flying pumpkin truck.


White Wolf Publishing, Inc.


White Wolf Game Studio


December 1993





Publication #:

WW 04003

Reference #:

ISBN 1-56504-084-8




From the White Wolf catalog:

Chapter OneEdit

Background InformationEdit

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