Tezghul the Insane was an infernal being, sired by Appa Bloodax in Lithuania in 1428.

By the time he was 22, Tezghul had assembled a horde in his name, and burned cities along the Baltic Seas. Sometime between 1450 and 1453, he founded Kupala Alka in the ruins of the burnt cities as a monument to depravity. He also dedicated the Blood Lake Cray to his infernal patrons via a sickening ritual.

In 1460, Tezghul attacked Poland. While he was opposed by Die Wolffgilde, the Verbenae and the Celestial Chorus, he and his horde pushed toward Berlin.

In 1469, the First Cabal burned down Kupala Alka and banished the resident demons. Tezghul continued his advance, and in his horde's wake, a Boiling Plague erupted and gripped Europe.

In 1472 Tezghul continued on his way to Berlin, and, in the process, created the Howling Waste. The Iron Hounds harassed and weakened Tezghul's forces during the winter of this year, but one by one were slain.

Between June 15th and June 18th of that year, at the Battle of Harz, Magistrates Roland Hoffmann and Georg der Tapfere led the Artificers, Cosians, Die Wolffgilde and a huge mortal army against Tezghul. The effort succeeded, but at great cost. Tezghul was slain at the age of 44, and Roland Hoffmann died a hero.

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