Terrence Green is one of the Flatliners and a key player in the story line of Orpheus. He is responsible for Radio Free Death, a nightly broadcast on the events of the afterlife.

Green was born and raised in the projects. He quickly fell into the gang lifestyle at age 8, killing, robbing, and selling drugs, and developed a reputation as one of the most ruthless gang members by age 14. In-between were bouts in juvenile hall, but they became permanent when he turned 16 and was implicated in a drive-by shooting. He was put away for a long time.

He quickly mastered prison life, joining a prison gang. For four years he continued his merciless reputation, but when he was ratted out to the prison officials by another convict, they put him into solitary for two years as a result of a zero-tolerance prison gang policy. It was perhaps the first quiet period he had ever had in his life, with no human contact and only books to entertain him. After he was released from solitary, he hunted down several convicts he was convinced had been the ones who had squealed on him. He got three (all actually innocent) before he was caught, confined, and eventually sentenced to death row.

It was on death row that Green finally dealt with his fears and regrets. He converted to Islam in a last attempt to make up for all of the horrible deeds he had done. When Project Flatline candidates were being tested, he leaped at the chance to redeem himself and start life anew. Instead, he got nightmares, both mental and physical, as he determined death was nothing like the Bible or the Koran said it was. But he also realized he did in fact have a chance to start again; after all, criminal records didn't carry through to the underworld.

When Uriah Bishop lead the Flatliners in escaping, Green trailed after them. Uninterested in Bishop's mad ways and wanting to stay away from the gang life that had lead him to prison in the first place, he decided keep an eye on the Orpheus Group, the NSA, and the others responsible for his death. He eventually found out he was a Haunter, and capable of broadcasting his voice through televisions and radios via Broadband Ghost; this quickly became the nightly broadcast of Radio Free Death.

He also met Grace Ishida, a former Terrel and Squib agent who was suspicious of her company as well as Orpheus and NextWorld. Together, they investigated all three companies, uncovering mass conspiracies. When Orpheus was destroyed, Green and Ishida were convinced of the dark sides of projection technology. They are committed to warning ghosts of the dastardly dealings of these two companies, hoping to prevent the tragedies that befell them.

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