Teras is the one element that binds the Teragen together, gives purpose and direction and makes it a unified group. To the Teragen there is no disputing the fact that novas are not human. Eruption and quantum development are ongoing evolution processes; the transition from baseline to nova is a journey most are only beginning. To guide them, the Teragen developed a philosophy, the principle of Teras, which asserts that all novas contain three archetypes: Marvel, Monster, and Portent. By living and becoming one of these concepts a nova gains a better understanding of who she is, and more importantly, what she can become.[1]

The Teras is a way for novas to deal with their Taint. With the understanding that taint can turn a shining example of the One Race into a drooling and uncontrollable freak. Enter the paths of the Teras. Each path is a guide for a nova to lead them to their next evolutionary step; to be reborn anew through Chrysalis.

The Paths of Teras Edit

The Marvel[2]

Novas are beings of utmost power and potential, but many baselines are unwilling or unable to accept novas for what they really are - living gods. To be a Marvel is to accept and believe that one is not only more than human, but more than mortal and mundane. With this realization comes a renewed comprehension of eruption and a thirst for power. To Marvels, the whole world is their oyster.

The Monster[2]

Being a Terat means understanding that life as a nova is a process, a transformation. To achieve ones true destiny, it is necessary to destroy what makes one human - for only by divorcing herself from human limitations (including morals and ethics) can a nova emerge changed.

The Portent[2]

Terats who embrace the Portent leave behind their baseline fetters, their fears and limitations and embrace raw potential and possibility. They are the ultimate visionaries, freed from human frailty and weakness; they can stare into the abyss of the future, knowing that within them lie all the answers they seek.

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