Handed down for millennia, the Tenets represent the conservative status quo of Laibon society in a similar way the Traditions maintain the foundation of Kindred society. Recently brought into question by the rapid change of the modern world, they are nevertheless fiercely upheld by the Guruhi and the Shango.

The Nine TenetsEdit

  • The Guruhi Are The Land: This Tenet enforces the right of the Guruhi, the oldest legacy, to rule
  • Those Who Endure, Judge: This Tenet enforces the leadership of the older vampires
  • Belonging Grants Protection: This Tenet enforces fealty of everyone in a domain, similar to the Tradition of Domain
  • The Secret Must Be Kept: This Tenet enforces subterfuge and secrecy among the Laibon, similar to the Tradition of the Masquerade
  • No Secrets From The Magaji: This Tenet enforces the control of a Magaji by preventing other Laibon in his domain from scheming against him (in the theory, of course)
  • Sires Command, Childer Inherit: This Tenet enforces the control of the sire over his childe
  • The Eldest Command Undeath: This Tenet enforces the second Tenet even stronger in a similar way to the powers of a prince in a kindred domain. In newer times, many elder are very careful about reinforcing this Tenet.
  • Travellers Obey The Tenets: This Tenet enforces the obedience to the Tenets in other domains, similar to the Tradition of Hospitality
  • The Eldest Are Kholo: This Tenet enforces the respect that all elders can claim, regardless of their Belonging

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