The Temple of the Mother of Vision is a former organization based loosely on Wiccan theology that has been unknowingly transformed into a pigment cult that is a front for the Missionary Works of the Holy Ghost.

The Temple's founder is Elizabeth Gibbons, a woman who considered herself prone to "mysical visions", while others saw her as prone to being a nutjob. During one of her experiments, she tried pigment and saw a world both terrifying and fascinating. Gibbons was so amazed by her experience, she encouraged others to try the drug; soon, some of her detractors became followers. As they saw many of the same things, such as the ghosts of certain people or demons lurking in the shadows, many saw her as a pioneer. The group began attracting some small-time press.

Soon after, an angel named Nacrael appeared to Gibbons, pigment miraculously appeared everywhere in her house, and she soon formally formed the Temple of the Mother of Vision. None of these were miracles; Nacrael was, of course, a Flatliner by the name of Jason Hein, and was responsible for the extra pigment and her strange visions.

The Mother of Vision worshipped by many in the cult (at least in the beginning, anyway), is primitive goddess who encourages others to seek the answers behind life and death so that their lives might be more richly fufilled. Pigment is a large part of the "vision blessing", although some cultists just enjoy the free pigment and could care less about the so-called "Mother". Higher levels in the cult see a cataclysmic event in the future, and are training many of these initiates as guides in the afterlife.

The cult uses isolation as a way to find new members, and uses a variety of methods, such as pigment addiction, diet and environment, and even plain old intimidation, to keep them in line.

The Temple has ten levels of initiation; the highest is only attainable through death when a member "becomes one with Nacrael". Most members never go past level three; anything above falls only to truly loyal cultists who are capable of controlling and manipulating the lower levels. The ninth degree includes only three people, one of whom is, of course, Elizabeth Gibbons.

Like the other front cults of the Missionary Works, particularly gifted members and sensitives are "promoted" to a higher cause: the dirty hands of Uriah Bishop himself.