The Tempest of Inward Focus is a martial art form developed by the heretical Dharma of the Seekers of the Inward Way. Since most users occaisonnally refer to themselves in this manner, the Quincunx mistook the name of the Discipline as the name of the Dharma and dubbed the heretics "Tempest of Inward Focus".

Originally a movement-based meditation technique, it has been redefined as a combat discipline by Seekers who refuse the persecution from the Quincunx. As a result, some elements are borrowed from mortal martial arts, like Tai Chi.

Official AbilitiesEdit

Included below are the official powers described in the Heresies of the Way.

Standard PowersEdit

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    • Swirling Winds Style: The Kuei-jin amplifies his combat maneuvers with Yang chi.
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    • Meditations of Metal: By drawing upon his inherent Yin energies, the Kuei-jin can harden his skin
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    • Kata of Mountain Fury: The Kuei-jin enters a battle trance through various rhythmic postures and katas
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    • Fighting Cloud Style: The Kuei-jin finds the point within his soul where yin and yang become one, removing physical limitations of his body
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    • Illusion-Shattering Strike: The Kuei-jin can shatter the physical form of a demon, spirit or wraith with a series of blows, eventually sending it back into its native realm.


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