Taurobolium is the unique Discipline of the Galloi, a bloodline of the Nosferatu clan of Kindred.

The Galloi claim to have originated in the Cult of the goddess Cybele, whose mortal members bathed in the fresh hot blood of a multilated bull during an initiation rite known as the Taurobolium. The vampiric worshippers of Cybele used the blood of mortal humans, and developed the rite into a Discipline allowing them to bathe another in their Vitae, granting the bather blessings from Cybele.

Powers Edit

Taurobolium does not have discrete powers like most Disciplines. Instead, its effects grow more potent.

The vampire bleeds onto the target, who then seems younger, healthier and more beautiful. The target's skin is without blemishes, and they take on an androgynous attractiveness similar to that possessed by the Galloi themselves, allowing them to more easily influence and manipulate others. As the Galloi's power in Taurobolium increases, the effect becomes stronger and the Galloi must use more Vitae to begin the effect.

Devotions Edit

  • Consent of the Magna Mater (Majesty •, Taurobolium ••) - allows a ghoul to be created from the normally inert Vitae left after using the Taurobolium Discipline. The ghoul is oddly beautiful, somewhat like a Galloi, and sexually potent.
  • Blessing of the Captive Eye (Obfuscate •••, Taurobolium ••) - temporarily confers the blurred visage effect of the Requiem to a mortal, or removes it from a vampire.
  • Enliven the Flesh (Majesty ••, Obfuscate ••, Taurobolium ••) - bestows a more youthful appearance on the target, making them seem years or even decades younger.
  • Transgression of Attis (Majesty ••, Obfuscate ••••, Taurobolium •••••) - changes the target's gender, permanently if the subject wills it strongly enough.

References Edit

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