Tammuz is the legendary Progenitor of the likewise named Tammuz Lineage, one of the types of Prometheans found in Promethean: The Created.

Of the five Progenitors, none are as mysterious as Tammuz or have as many origin stories. The oldest and most frequently repeated story of Tammuz finds him as a Babylonian farmer of legendary strength who died; Ishtar, a sorceress, used his body to create either a servant or a lover, depending on the version. He was remade as her slave, in a great ceremony resembling the ritual modern Golems use to create others. However, Tammuz did not care for Ishtar, eventually rebelled, and gained his freedom. He went on to create one other Tammuz, Nebu.

Because of his dislike for her, Tammuz Mockeries are known as Ishtari.


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