Name: Tamer of Winds
Nicknames: Aeolians
Path: Acanthus
Order: any
Arcana: Forces

The Tamers of Winds are a Legacy from the Elemental Masteries that deal with the element of air and ist associated symbols.


Air, in the philosophical parlance of the Elemental Masteries, is the same as enlightenment. Air is reason. Air is knowledge. If the wind is contained, it ceases to be wind. If the truth is captured and hidden in a box, it ceases to be the truth. You can hold the winds in a bag, but you have to let them free eventually, if you're going to get any use out of them. And they're only winds if you open the bag. Before that, they're just air. Enlightenment is like that. Capturing it is all well and good, but at some point it has to be shared. Of all the Elemental Masteries, the Tamers of Wind rarely have problems finding their element, and although they prefer working outside, it's a preference borne of their training, and not from any advantage they might gain from being outdoors.

The mages who have, over the centuries, made this their pursuit meditate on the glimpses they receive of the higher truth of the Realms Supernal. Glimpses of the truth are preserved in memory. Memory is the ground on which thought builds itself. The invention of instant recording changed the human psyche more thoroughly than any other invention. The Tamers of Winds are in a unique position. They have the psychological makeup of people who take cameras, video, and sound recording for granted. The result is that the Tamers of Winds exist in a strange kind of tension. On the one hand, they have always known that the facts don't necessary hold the truth, and might in fact obscure the truth. On the other hand, they're of a generation that takes without question recording media as the refinement of memory. As a reaction to this new development, many Tamers walk on different approaches to this phenomena. There are Tamers of Winds who seek the truth through the media, aiming to capture small truths perfectly through the medium of film and sound. There are Tamers of Winds who work in law, who seek the truth from human accounts. There are others who work their magic through symbolic truth, using literature of various kinds as their conduit. Others still work as journalists, either professionally for newspapers and magazines, or as simple recorders of facts for the mystical orders they work for. And then there are Tamers of Winds who work in neurology and the field of cybernetics, whose intent is to do nothing less than improve the human brain, to create a perfect memory, not just for facts, but for the truth.

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