Name: Tamers of Stone
Nicknames: Craftmasons
Path: Moros
Order: any
Arcana: Space

The Tamers of Stone are a Legacy from the Elemental Masteries that deal with the element of earth and geometry.


Humanity came from earth, and to earth every man and woman shall return. It's the basis of human life. Earth is sensation: The stones know and recall every foot that walked across them, every hammer and chisel that worked them. Earth is incarnation: The stones are solid. The stones survive when the fire has burnt out, when the flood has dried out, when the wind has passed away. The stones remain. The stones have stories to tell, if only one will have the patience to ask them. And for Tamers, stone is creation and perception. For them, stone is incarnation in the flesh, the means by which the One God, Urizen, the Demiurge or whatever, pulled Adam out of the ground. Stone is humanity, the common thread that links all men together. While most of the other Elemental Masteries directly use the elements they personify and become in the casting of their magic, the Tamers of Stone approach the attainments of the Stones indirectly, working through meditation, blueprints, technical drawings, and the use of tools such as hammers, mallets, and chisels as the means through which the earth that senses and abides can be perceived and manipulated

All people are equal, the Craftmasons say. The Awakened have no right to treat the Sleepers as instruments, for they are as human as the Awakened. In these times, the Craftmasons represent and quietly protect the common man. And the Sleepers are beset on all sides. Their cites are choked with the hungry, sneering dead, who prey on their blood, by shapeshifters, who tear them to shreds and dine on their flesh, by Ghosts and spirits and demons and worse things and, most of all, by the other Awakened. The Tamers of Stone might care little for tales of cosmic struggles between Exarchs and Oracles, but the Craftmasons have no time for those who would exploit the Sleepers and keep them from Awakening. Apparently humble the Tamers of Stone may be, but as many would-be tyrants have discovered, the hand of the common man can be a powerful weapon.

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