Name: Tamers of Fire
Nicknames: Champions
Path: Obrimos
Order: any
Arcana: Forces

The Tamers of Fire are a Legacy from the Elemental Masteries that deals with the element of fire- in a literal as well as in a symbolic sense.


The Tamers of Fire harness the primal energy that leads people to outstanding and inspirational deeds. In their hearts, the Fire has the same power, the same wild abandon, the same need for responsibility and restraint as the real counterpart. Fire, for these Champions, is the element of will, unstoppable and implacable, against which the only sane response is to stand down. Fire is the element of intuition, of innovation, the fire that triggered the beginnings of human civilization. Fire is the element of leadership, the pillar of fire in the wilderness that leads the invading hordes into the promised Land, to buy it with blood and steel. Fire is the element of trial, the burning, cleansing flame that refines and purifies in pain and heat, incinerating the dross and leaving the gold. Fire is also the element of anger, of rage uncontrolled, that burns and destroys. Fire is the element of madness. Fire is the element of destruction. Fire is transient and temporary. One day, it is impossible to fight against; the next, it has burnt itself out.

In Taming the Fire, the Champions embody all of these aspects. In the process of soulcrafting, they grow to understand their element, to mold it and make it their tool. They become the fire, and through becoming the fire, take on the role of the hero. In the age of Quiescence, others might think that the Tamers of Fire need to limit their exploits. They're still heroes, but their magic needs to be smaller, the scope of their heroism smaller. But the fire that they have become won't allow itself to be quenched. Some of these Champions aim for inspiration through excellence. Some excel in the field of sports. Others inspire through words, becoming crusading activists, defenders of rights, leaders in their field. Others still become heroes in their work: There are firefighters, police officers, paramedics, and soldiers among the Tamers.

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