The Talons of Black Rage, or more commonly, the Talons, are a secret group of Lasombra ghouls that acts as the elite shock troopers of the Clan.


Members of the Talons are trained in the arts of Obtenebration, Chimerstry and the martial arts. Officially, their main purpose is to infiltrate Camarilla domains and strike hard against its high-ranking officials, like Sheriffs or similar Kindred who could organize a resistance. In secret, they are also used to combat the power of the Black Hand. 35 Lasombra are involved in this secret program.

For 5 generations, exceptional people have been bred for joining the Talons. As of the 1990s, 13 warriors (7 men and 6 women) have been made. Each following team of Talons is comprised after these original thirteen.

The clan currently uses the warriors to assassinate members of the Black Hand on their way home from Camarilla assassinations. Future uses of the ghouls include their Embrace and infiltration into the Hand, removal of rival packs and other forms of dirty work. 


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