Although the secrets of creating relics were lost when Irem fell, the Arisen have found other ways to store Sekhem. The Guilds teach the art of Talisman-making, although some rumors connect the initial craft to the Lost Guild. Suspicious mummies don’t have any evidence, and the Judges do not punish Arisen who make talismans. Most treat the craft as a morally neutral if risky pursuit with undeniable rewards: mighty Utterances, Sekhem, and bulwarks against weakness and destruction.

At their core, Talismans are relics that have been attuned to a Mummies Sekhem. No mummy can power more than one Talisman at a time. Furthermore, the relic must align with the mummy’s guild specialty. In the sacred space of his tomb, the mummy begins a ceremony to bind his soul to the relic, sacrificing permanent Sekhem in the process. When the process is complete, the mummy can utilize the Talisman to channel a Manifestation, which consists of an Utterance and a special keyword that triggers it.

Once it has been bound and attuned, the talisman is effectively a part of the mummy. It feels like a limb or beating heart and everything it witnesses, its creator can also access. As a result of this close connection to their creator, Talismans can be used as substitutes for canopic jars and will manifest in the hands of a Mummy who Awakens from death when they are chosen to be, regardless of their current position. As a result to their strong connection towards their Guild, only members of the guild of an Talisman’s creator can proper use a Talisman.

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