A Talespinner (usually abbreviated TS) is the member of a group of gamers who acts as referee for one of the Talespinner System roleplaying games published by Black Dog Game Factory.

Background Information Edit

Talespinners are a parody of White Wolf's Storytellers.

On April 1 of 2001, the ST team of the New Bremen chat ran an event both for April Fools and as an early celebration of the chat's first year anniversary. The event was "GoobCon," one of the largest game conventions in the world.


What a Talespinner icon in New Berlin might have looked like

In a fit of recursiveness, Black Dog's virtual booth had computers set up where characters could try out their new online chat, "New Berlin." Many of New Berlin's "Talespinners" were in attendance, being the New Bremen Storytellers with Black Dog versions of their names. For example Conrad Hubbard visited as Connor Cupboard, IanW was present as IvanW, and Tux made an appearance as ZootSuit.

The Talespinners joked often that they were called "TS's" because most requests from their players were met with the response "Tough Shit!"

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