Talecrafting is an ability demonstrated by some of the fae.


Stories speak with a universal language. Patterns and symbols emerge from the narrative. Characters undergo triumphs and tragedies that, on the surface, seem wildly different and wholly unique. Dig deeper, though, and one finds that many common threads link the tales, with archetypal elements shared betwixt the two. This is true for ancient mythology, local folklore, timeless fairy tales, and comes full-bore into the present environment of literature, television, film, and even video games. The same patterns reveal themselves time and time again. Same hooks, different faces. Old ideas, new presentations. The symbols lay obfuscated, and it takes effort to see them. But they're there, waiting only to be discovered.

Some Changelings are astute to the types of stories the universe likes to tell over and over, and that by being aware of these tales they can subtly manipulate them for their own benefit. To take advantage of these patterns a character need simply recognize the existence of a pattern and then spend glamour and roll Wyrd to take advantage of it. While an exceptional success will enable the Changeling to get off without any consequences, most Changelings will experience a Cruel Twist of Fate that tarnishes their victory.


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