The Taifa Gangrel were a branch of Islamic Gangrel during the Dark Ages. They were inspired by the conversion of the methuselah Shabaqo into Islamic faith.


The Islamic Gangrel of the period were called Wah'Sheen, and were essentially straightforward nomads, masters of the deserts and wastelands of Arabia and North Africa. Many Wah'Sheen, even though they followed the teachings of Islam to a point, were also wary of its influence what the encroaching civilization meant to them.

A few of the Wah'Sheen felt differently, and eventually split from the main part of the clan, calling themselves the Taifa. These were generally more scholarly and adept with civilization than the rest of the bay't.

They have their own unique culture and identify more with the Islam and those Cainites who follow it, than with their own clan. The Taifa see themselves as scholar warriors fighting a religious war. Ocasionally the Taifa may join with the Assamites, but never for long.

In practice, they Embrace only devout warriors. The new convert pairs with an elder Taifa for both schooling and protection. The pair spends their nights traveling throughout Iberia, hunting Christians (may they be Kindred or Kine).

The Taifa have replaced the Gather with a semi-annual conclave to discuss the matters of importance. No rites of status occur. Instead, those attending defer to the oldest Gangrel present. As well, Taifa Gangrel often abstain to feed from Muslims, prefering instead the Vitae of Christians and Jews.