Tablet of Destiny is one of the most powerful vampiric relics of cainite mythology.


According to the Enûma Elish, the Tablet of Destiny were the laws for mankind, set down by Enoch himself. What those clay tablets actually contained is a matter of much speculation. After his embrace, Hesiod believed them to contain an early account of the Book of Nod.

Monçada and Beckett thought it was a chronicle of blood powers, explaining all of Enoch's magics (which, according to legend, included the capability to break blood oaths at will, and remove the Potence from ghouls).

But these are mere legends, all as likely to be true as the Malkavian Anatole's tale that Enoch's tablet contained the detailed future of every cainite who had been or would be, from Caine's punishment through the Time of Thin Blood.

In any event, it is said that Ishtar tried to take this item from Ennoia, which led to a bitter feud between the two Antediluvians, nearly causing the Toreador destruction twice.


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