Syrenes are a type of Spectre found in Orpheus. They appeared soon after the Orphan-Grinders did, an evolutionary step for Spectres in their continuing war against humanity. A Syrene appears basically humanoid at first glance, but a closer inspection reveals only a vague resemblence to anything mortal. For a start, Syrenes are over seven-feet tall and horrendously thin. They have extra joints in their limbs, and iridecent, incect-like wings, and faces that have only large blue eyes and round mouths. More intellegent than many of their older counterparts, Syrenes are sent out by Lawgivers and Reapers to capture specific targets, giving them a special value among the other Spectre breeds. A Syrene in danger is usually enough to attract the very unwanted attention of the Lawgivers or Reapers in charge of that Syrene's hive.


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