Sun Yang






Assamite warrior




Chang-Lin Kwan

Born on the borders of territory to the Kuei-jin, Sun Yang, also named Wise Frog, was embraced in Sinkiang to act as an assassin for the Assamites, who occaisonaly clashed with their Cathayan counterparts. He soon advanced into a cunning diplomat and was able to cool the conflict between the warring supernatural factions a little bit. When the tense climate of the conflict became too much for him to bear, he asked his masters in Alamut to be removed and they reluctantly agreed, enabling to flee the communist occupation of Sinkiang in 1949. After a brief relocation to Turkey, Sun Yang was deployed into New York, to act as an observator of the Camarilla/Sabbat conflict there. Watching the Sabbat tearing itself apart in the Third Sabbat Civil War, he reported back to his elders, focusing on the actions of the wayward antitribu foremost.

When Ur-Shulgi arose and purged Alamut, Sun Yang felt uncompelled to serve an ancient war master of Haqim, preferring peace and stability to a rampant crusade against the kafir. Instead he assisted the Assamite schismatics that had come to New York in order to join the Camarilla. Although he himself preferred to stay outside of sect allegiance, he feels that the time draws near when he has to make a choice and to declare his course.

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