Although the Dead Wolves are now Kindred, and could never awaken as true werewolves, this Gangrel line still retains a deep tie to the moon, which manifests itself as the discipline of Sublunario.

Mechanically, this discipline mostly functions to help ease the transition for a vampire character into a game of Werewolf: The Forsaken, as its benefits are somewhat reduced when playing a Kindred-only game.

This discipline is described in more detail in Shadows of Mexico.

Powers Edit

This unique discipline grants a variety of mechanical benefits; all benefits below may be accessed with only one dot, but improve significantly in magnitude as more dots of the discipline are purchased:

  • The Dead Wolf may contribute one dot per point of Sublunario to a totem merit; however, it does not allow the user to purchase their own totem, only to contribute to an existing one.
  • The Dead Wolf may select a lunar phase as his Auspice, giving him a bonus to riding the wave on nights of that Auspice.
  • Sublunario may be used as a bonus to several skill rolls made against werewolves.
  • Gives bonus dice to two "Insight skills," as determined by the current phase of the moon.

References Edit

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