The Sublimati, or Refined, are a special type of Pandoran found in Promethean: The Created. Sublimati are more sentient than their Pandoran cousins and almost human-like in their intellegence, able to plan out grand schemes, place enemies under careful observation, and provide threats to Prometheans and mortals on a large scale. They often have lesser Pandorans under their control, and occasionally humans who form cults in their name. In Second Edition, they are also unique in their ability to use Centimani Transmutations and their ability to (inefficiently) metabolize human flesh, giving them a secondary source of Pyros and the ability to delay Dormancy indefinitely.

Sublimati differ from other Pandorans because of an excess one key ingredient: Vitriol. For example, something goes wrong during a creation rite and the body of a would-be Promethean splits apart, forming into several Pandorans. One part of these Praecipitatus might be able to absorb the other Pandorans' Vitriol and can use it to improve their intellect. Similarly, a Pandoran who is constantly successfull in capturing and devouring the Vitriol of Prometheans can improve themselves in the same way, as can a Pandoran who absorbs some or all of their creator's Vitriol at the moment of creation.

The most famous Sublimati is arguably the Lady of Chains, an Ishtari who has existed for over two centuries and has developed a massive organization, the Cult of Chains, that is dedicated to her plans and views and has spread across Europe and Asia.