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Strategoi is a high rank among the internal structure of the Ventrue clan.


The Strategoi (sometimes simply called "Elders"), are Ventrue that implement the will of the Ephorate within a specific geographic area set by their masters, much like the Justicars of the Camarilla (and with a similar freedom to interpret and act on them as they see fit), and guide the overall welfare of the clan in their territory. For the sake of loyalty to the Ephorate, Strategoi are not allowed to have any position within the Camarilla, however, the Strategoi itself is a position of prestige, and they are entitled to field agents known as Lictors.

Additionally, a Strategos is the only one able to know the identity of members of the Ephorate.

Ventrue hierarchyEdit

Other titles acquired through Dignitas among the Ventrue hierarchy include:


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