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Strange City is a Classic World of Darkness fiction anthology, edited by Staley Krause and Stewart Wieck and published by HarperCollins in 1996.

The book reprints short stories from three White Wolf-published World of Darkness anthologies: The Beast Within (Vampire: The Masquerade), When Will You Rage? (Werewolf: The Apocalypse), and Death and Damnation (Wraith: The Oblivion). The titular city is San Francisco, the common setting of the stories reprinted in this volume; the city also served as the setting to a number of other World of Darkness novels and short stories that were published by White Wolf (or HarperCollins) in the mid-1990s.

Another subsequent World of Darkness fiction anthology, City of Darkness: Unseen, was likewise set in and named after San Francisco. Most stories in that volume shared a cast of characters with - or were direct sequels to - other short stories published in the same time period; several of the stories that were revisited in City of Darkness: Unseen were republished in Strange City.


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