Name: Storm Keepers
Nicknames: Weather Witches, Rain Dancers
Path: Acanthus
Order: any
Arcana: Forces

The Storm Keepers are a Legacy that deals heavily with weather patterns and natural phenomena.


The Storm Keepers began as a group of wise men that appeared to some tribes and offered to calm the raging elements and natural upheavels that plagued the life of these humans. They could divine the weather and change it to their will in order to let their people prosper. For this, many people revered and feared them.

But a Storm Keeper is more than a bringer of rain or an ender of floods. She is more than a predictor of weather. In essence, she has made herself one with the pulse of the world so that she understands on a deep, molecular level the processes and the give-and-take that cause the phenomenon of weather. She knows when stopping a storm will truly save a village from floods or when it will only deflect the waters so that they cause greater damage elsewhere. She understands the balance of nature and the destiny of those who live in the natural world.

Today, Storm Keepers remain on the sidelines. In some parts of the world, where shamanic rituals and weather calling still take place, the Storm Keeper enjoys a remnant of the old honor and awe. For the most part, however, these weather witches content themselves with keeping their fingers on the pulse of the universe, staving off the worst of disasters when it seems possible, and watching the futility of mere knowledge to affect the movement of air and water across the face of the world.

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