Name: Stone Scribe
Path: Moros
Order: Mysterium
Arcana: Fate

The Stone Scribes are a Legacy that has dedicated itself to the study of the power of True Names, exspecially the so-called Final Names that are fixed with the death of a person. By tracing the myriad threads of sympathetic connection back through multiple Final Names, the Namers believe they can reconstruct the Final Names of the long-deceased, up to and including the ancient lords of Atlantis. By learning those millennia-dead Names, the Scribes claim they will be able to conjure up the shades of their distant ancestors and gain first-hand knowledge of the height of Atlantis -- and direct tutelage in potent, forgotten Atlantean magic.


The Stone Scribes believe that a person's name changes and grows subtly throughout his existence. Only at death, the cessation of existence, is a person's true name fixed. The Stone Scribes call this the Final Name, and it is more than merely an identifying label that eases the working of sympathetic spells. A person's Final Name is an echo of that person's soul, a sublime expression of the sum total of the fate that guided the life of the name's owner. The Stone Scribes believe that only by knowing a person's Final Name can you truly know the person - it is the ultimate record of who that person was, stripped of all layers of deceit and subterfuge. Initiates of the Stone Scribes first learn the basic ritual that allows them to scribe the Final Name of a person, preserving it for all time. Later, they learn to protect Final Names from natural decay or manipulation by outside forces. Finally, a Scribe masters the greatest Attainment of his Legacy, putting to use the names he has recorded by temporarily making them his own.

Often, the Stone Scribes have strong ties to the local Mysterium.

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