Stigmatics are mortals that have come into contact with the God-Machine and have been rendered susceptible to its designs.


Most Stigmatics had no clue of the hidden world before. Some turned by accident, stumbling over Infrastructure or witnessing an Angel, while others were deliberately lured into the gears. A short time afterwards, the future Stigmatic experiences horrid visions that transform the familiar into the bizarre. This culminates in a brand, a physical mark of the contact between the Machine and the Stigmatic similar to a glitch. Afterwards, the Stigmatic can see the hidden Infrastructures and Facilities, as well as experiencing strange visions and omens.

Being stigmatic is a miserable experience. The visions a stigmatic endured drive home just how small and helpless she is. Some stigmatics are fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to develop other supernatural powers beyond their ability to see into the system, but even then, these powers merely serve to draw the attention of angelic forces. Both Angels and Demons hunt him, seeking to use his talents for their own purposes. Agencies often have Stigmatic allies that provide them with information.