Name: Stewards of the Celestial Orrery
Nicknames: Augurs
Path: Obrimos
Order: Silver Ladder
Arcana: Time

The Stewards of the Celestial Orrery are a Legacy that deals with interpreting the will of the Oracles and enforcing it unto the world. They were prime objectors for the inclusion of the Free Council into the Diamond Orders.


Stewards of the Celestial Orrery realize within their souls the power to connect to the sublime mechanisms of the cosmos, as reflected by the pattern of time and the threads of subtle power that move between the Earth, the stars and the remotest reaches of the universe. The Augurs and the Silver Ladder were a natural fit for one another and the Stewards of the Celestial Orrery were soon absorbed into the order almost completely and without complaint on either side. The Legacy's devotion to the ineffable "will of the Oracles" was admired by many other théarchs, even those who found its members' implicit belief in their superior access to Supernal truth a bit off-putting. Those few Stewards who opted to go into other orders were closely watched (especially those who chose the Guardians of the Veil), but were permitted to go their way in peace. If any Augurs accepted the path of the Apostate, there exist no records of the Legacy to tell of them, and such sad hermits, if any, likely lived and died as nothing more than unsung historical curiosities.

Stewards invariably believe in an ordered universe in which everything has its proper place. At the pinnacle of this structure are the Oracles, whose wisdom descends from the Supernal to those théarchs with the courage and humility necessary to receive it. As direct servants to the will of the Oracles -- as handed down to them through visions and divinations -- Augurs maintain they are true philosopher-priests of fallen Atlantis, and are owed the respect (and, depending upon the views of the individual Augur, the obedience) of other mages of the Atlantean Diamond. Those who best distinguish themselves in positions of spiritual authority among the Awakened earn the greatest esteem within the Legacy, and the counsel of such theocrats is heeded by other Stewards, both young and old.

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