Stephen Moluxe is one of the former Marion Federal Penitentiary convicts that was chosen for Project Flatline. After escaping and becoming a Flatliner, Moluxe joined with three other Flatliners to create the Blasphemers.

Moluxe is Latino by birth and fiercely proud of it. One of his goals as a radical activist in the 1960's was to create an empire based on the Aztec people in part of the United States. Needless to say, Moluxe never achieved his goals. Instead, he was linked to bombings and murders. He was finally captured during a robbery in 1968, but not before taking out a police officer, a crime that sent him to death row.

After his capture, Moluxe became more unhinged, concocting grand conspiriacies involving the manipulation of the U.S. government by, of all things, vampires. Becoming a ghost did not lessen his paranoia, as even in death he runs from unseen enemies. His fear of Uriah Bishop's manipulation was what made him join with the Blasphemers and not Bishop's planned organization. Ironically, they both ended up in the same field: pigment distribution. Moluxe uses a local gang, the Latin Kings, to do his dirty work.

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