A Stain is an ability that a projector or spook can call on while in ghostly form that alters their Corpus in a horrifying manner. Stains serve as a negative reflection of the subject's personality and usually cause Spite to accumulate rapidly.

Stains can change over time if a character's negative energy changes focus. For example, a character with a need for revenge manages to find peace with themselves; their Stain might shift from a Claws, a violence-based form to Roaming Eyes, as they feel the need to constantly look over their shoulder for their former target.

Two types of characters can call on Stains without penalty. For Hues, manifesting Stains by spending two Vitality and without gathering Spite is one of the few advantages of existing in their dimenished state. Manifesting Stains using Vitality is also one of the uses of Flesh-Flux, the first-tier ability of Marrow. Marrows have the additional benefit that they can replicate Stains other than their personal ones.

List of StainsEdit

  • Adder's Scales (Orpheus)
  • Armless (Orpheus: Shadow Games Bullet-pdf Bullet-nip)
  • Armor of Corpulence (Shadow Games)
  • Atrophy Compensation (Shadow Games)
  • Bad Blood (Shadow Games)
  • Bat's Ears (Orpheus)
  • Beast Nose (Shadow Games)
  • Bileous Spew (Shadow Games)
  • Blackfire Speech (Shadow Games)
  • Bristling Hide (Orpheus)
  • Brutish (Shadow Games)
  • Carapace (Orpheus)
  • Chameleon Skin (Orpheus)
  • Claws (Orpheus)
  • Clingy (Shadow Games)
  • Compound Eye (Orpheus)
  • Conjoined Animal Twin (Shadow Games)
  • Corrosive Pustules (Shadow Games)
  • Dagger Tongue (Orpheus)
  • Foaming (Shadow Games)
  • Foul Odor (Shadow Games)
  • Gaunt (Shadow Games)
  • Gauze Quills (Orpheus)
  • Gossamer Webs (Orpheus)
  • Hammer Fists (Shadow Games)
  • Hawk's Beak (Orpheus)
  • Hooves (Shadow Games)
  • Hungry Eyes (Shadow Games)
  • Hypnotic Markings (Shadow Games)
  • Infestation (Shadow Games)
  • Leper (Orpheus)
  • Mandibles (Shadow Games)
  • Martyred (Orpheus)
  • Nauseating (Shadow Games)
  • Pseudopods (Orpheus)
  • Roaming Eyes (Shadow Games)
  • Rooted (Shadow Games)
  • Shark's Appetite (Orpheus)
  • Shifting Identity (Orpheus)
  • Skeletal Form (Orpheus)
  • Spider's Bristles (Orpheus)
  • Stinger (Shadow Games)
  • Withered (Orpheus)
  • Worm Hair (Shadow Games)

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