Spite is a spiritual energy that represents the amount of anger and hatred in a person's soul in Orpheus. Like Vitality, Spite is a key part of a ghost or projector's self; however, while living projectors have outlets they can use to lesson their Spite, spirits and hues generally have more trouble controlling it as they are essentially emotion incarnate.

Spite is generally easier to accrue than Vitality. Any negative actions a character does can contribute to their Spite, as can actions such as tapping into Spite to regain their own Vitality or stealing Vitality from an unwilling target. Frequently calling on Stains is another surefire way to gain Spite. Spite can also be used to power Horrors, but the effects become twisted, evil, and occasionally out of control, and may cause a user to accumulate even more Spite. Spite, however, can be diminished with effort, generally though positive actions. One of the most effective, but difficult, ways is to help a ghost peacefully Transcend.

As a ghost accumulates Spite, their actions become more violent and their thoughts grow darker. Eventually, if a character allows or has Spite completely overtake them, they cease to be a spirit or hue, instead becoming one of the nightmarish entities known as a Spectre.

Spectres exist on Spite, and use it to power their own hideous abilities. However, if a character has exceptional willpower or by chance encounter a source of Vitality, they have a chance at regaining their positive side and becoming an Orphan-Grinder.

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