The Spider Bazaar is a Goblin Market.


It would take a strong stomach, or a peculiarly fae sensibility, to visit the Spider Bazaar without flinching. This nomadic Market moves from place to place on hundreds of chitinous legs. Here, fae spiders are the beasts of burden, the watchdogs and even a few of the merchants. Some are beautiful, shining like living jewels or with soft, polychromatic fur to rival any butterfly’s wings. Others are hideous, bloated monsters of asymmetrical and grotesque appearance. Many of the hobgoblin barterers are simple hobs much as one would find at any Market, but others have a distinctly arachnid aspect; one might speak with a monastically robed goblin with the bright-eyed face of a jumping spider, or visit a tent where beautiful women dance, clusters of writhing arachnid legs where their hair would be and trails of cobweb spinning off their glistening forms.

The goods bought and sold at the Spider Bazaar are of all the usual variety, though there might be a slight discount for Hedgespun made of the silk of the Bazaar’s spiders; the stuff does pile up. Pet Hedge-spiders are often sold as well, though the wise buyer will make certain to learn all of the information for proper care and feeding (as well as just how large the pet is expected to get someday). The Bazaar stays in one place for roughly a week or so, then rolls up its silken tents and moves on. The reasons for its nomadic existence are unclear, but some suspect that they move on once the spiders have eaten all the wild hobgoblins and Hedge Beasts in the vicinity and are beginning to get hungry again.


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