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A soulstone is pure magic, carved from the Awakened soul of a willing mage and given form. Containing not only an intrinsic, unbreakable bond to one of the Watchtowers, a soulstone also holds within its demurely mundane shape hope, aspiration and the ultimate realization of a mage’s potential. Few more potent tools are found outside of soul stones.The process that leads to the creation of a soulstone usually involves traveling into the Oneiros and finding something that resembles their soul.

With the use of a soulstone, a mage can create annulities, focus supernal energy through it in order to avoid Paradox, teach Legacies through it and treat vulgar spells as covert.

Possession of the soulstone of a different person grants the owner power over the subject. Tremere are known to devour soulstones or use them for their own twisted purposes.

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