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A Souleater is a fragment of a Spiritual entity, probably a Bane from the brood of the Eater-of-Souls Wyrm, originating from the Deep Umbra. In Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand, Vicissitude and Sanguinus were said to be a parasite that originated in the Deep Umbra and was brought back by a Tzimisce named Andeleon. As a disease, it eats away at the body, mind, and soul of an infected individual until they are consumed and taken over by it, becoming a Souleater. Supposedly the Old Clan Tzimisce were the few Fiends able to isolate themselves and avoid becoming infected. The True Black Hand was devoted to wiping out the alien invasion, while at the same time keeping it a secret from the world.


Known SouleatersEdit


  • Soul Eater[1] is a Japanese manga written written and illustrated by Atsushi Ōkubo.

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