The Soul Golems, also known as Somnia Draconis, were guardians and sentinels for the mages of Atlantis. Gifted with sentience and rough magical understandings by the Soulstones that empowered them, the Golems served their creators faithfully and without question. Some used to protect settlements or households, while others worked together with the Ungula Draconis or acted as bodyguards. The materials from which they were formed varied, but all were inscribed with crackling runes of power that animated them in the first place.

When the hubris of mages cracked the skies and sundered the cosmos, Atlantis sank into the sea and magic was changed forever. The sentinels watched helplessly as the people and places they had been created to protect were destroyed or killed. Nearly all of the sentinels in Atlantis during the Fall were destroyed by the upheaval, the magic that held their bodies together no match for the forces of destruction unleashed. The very few surviving Soul Golems divided into two camps, those that would actively search its masters, and others that simply resumed their duties.

Some of the Somnia Draconis are driven insane by the loss of their soulstones- and therefore their intelligence- and growing abyssal taint within the Fallen World. All surviving Soul Golems are able to take on a human form in order to blend into sleeper society.

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