The Curator is a powerful Hobgoblin responsible for the existence of the Museum of the Soul's Skein.


The Museum is not responsible for the contents of the images or artifacts on display. Please do not touch the exhibits or there will be consequences.

The Curator is part of the Museum. One might even suggest that the Curator is the Museum, for destroying the Curator destroys the Museum. This hob is a powerful telepath, able to read thoughts and view the threads of time and Fate that travel backward from a changeling’s current point in time. The Curator cannot look forward, not truly, but that doesn’t stop the hob from pretending, does it?

The Curator’s a cold fish, to be sure. He bears no emotion. Yes, he may say something that should come part and parcel with an emotion (“Please, don’t hurt me!”) but the way he says it is devoid of any intonation besides dry, crisp, flat. He is a wizened man, scrunched up and twisted. Hard tufts of white hair stick out from his sideburns and skin-shriveled skull. Beady eyes stare out from behind small gold glasses. He wears a dusty old navy blue suit with a red tie, and his hands (which have six fingers, not including the thumb) often gesticulate subtly, as if he’s trying manipulate some invisible material without anybody noticing.

Character SheetEdit

The Curator
Mental Attributes: Intelligence 3, Wits 3, Resolve 4
Physical Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 2, Stamina 3
Social Attributes: Presence 3, Manipulation 3, Composure 3
Mental Skills: Academics 2, Investigation 4, Occult 3
Physical Skills: Athletics (Flee) 3, Brawl (Escape Grapple) 3, Larceny 2, Stealth 3, Weaponry 1
Social Skills: Expression 1, Intimidation 1
Merits: Eidetic Memory 2, Encyclopedic Knowledge 4
Willpower: 7
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Wrath
Initiative: 5
Defense: 2
Size: 4
Speed: 8 (species factor 4)
Health: 7
Wyrd: 3
Glamour/per Turn: 13/3
Armor: none
Contracts: Hearth 3

Fae AspectsEdit

For Every Action: The Curator is intimately bound up with the elements on display at the Museum of the Soul's Skein. Assume that every display has between four and ten points of Structure. Anytime a changeling does damage to a display’s Structure, the changeling takes damage herself (one bashing per point of Structure damage done).

Stimulus, Response: Anytime one of the displays gets a powerful reaction (weeping, screaming, violence, giddiness, triumph, etc.), this hob gains a point of Glamour.


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