Name: Sotoha
Plural: Sotoha
Pronunciation: SO-to-ha
Nicknames: Outsiders, Samurai
Parent Clan: Ventrue
Disciplines: Animalism, Dominate, Kamen, Resilience
The Sotoha are a bloodline from the Ventrue Clan of vampires. Dedicated to the principles of the Samurai, the Sotoha are steadfast warriors who swear undying loyalty to their chosen lord.

The Sotoha are primary found within the Invictus.


The founder of the bloodline, Fujita Kunimasa, was Embraced during the 16th century and chose to leave Japan when Tokugawa Iemitsu closed the country, cutting off almost all contact with foreigners. He traveled to the Americas, since many of his servants had already strong power-bases in the land. In order to share his culture and mindset, he began Embracing people and taught them about his heritage, creating the modern Sotoha bloodline. Any Kindred who enters this bloodline takes the name "Fujita" to indicate that he has become part of Kunimasa's family. While most such Kindred are Embraced by a member of the bloodline, adoption was a well-established custom in Kunimasa's Japan, and the bloodline is happy to accept suitable Kindred from outside.

The Sotoha have three virtues: Absolute loyalty to their immediate superior (even to the point of Final Death), restraint against the rage of the Beast and an melancholic appreciation for the transitory nature of beauty and life. The only way to be released from one's oath to his lord is committing harakiri (cutting oneself open and enter Torpor) or hinomi (facing the morning sun).


The Sotoha struggle with their Beasts even more than other vampires. When a Sotoha frenzies, the Frenzy only ends with an extended Resolve + Composure roll to bring the character out of frenzy, rolling once per turn or minute.

Also, Sotoha cannot gain an action during Frenzy with Willpower, instead having to succeed on a reflexive Resolve + Composure action in order to gain a small measure of control over themselves.


Vampire: The Requiem - Bloodlines of the Ventrue clan

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