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Sorcery, known to mages as linear magic or more dismissively as hedge magic or hedge wizardry, is the form of magic used by mortal non-mages in the Classic World of Darkness. Unlike true magic, one does not need to be Awakened (or Enlightened) to use sorcery. Thus, any mortal with sufficient traits can be a sorcerer and use the linear paths of hedge magic. As a result, sorcery is the most common form of magic for humans in the World of Darkness.

In the context of Mage: The Ascension, linear magic resides within the bounds of the Consensus (barely), and as such, it does not cause Paradox, unlike the dynamic magic of mages. Despite their magical talents, sorcerers are still sleepers (or at least sleepwalkers), but their connection with the magical world makes them ideal consors and acolytes to Awakened mages.

The diverse forms of sorcery can include Roma curses, high school Wiccans' spells, voodoo and folk magic.

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