Yuri sophia

Yuri and Sophia. Art by Alex Sheikman.

Klaive of Yuri Tvarivich

Rage card depicting the Klaive of Yuri Tvarivich.

Sophia and Yuri Tvarivich were twin Silver Fang heroes who led a number of werewolves against the Zmei Sharkala the Cruel, including five Silver Fangs – Georges of Armenai, Boris, Foma, Vassili, and Utra, in 1240. They were also accompanied by Pyotor, he of the Glass Walkers; Ulu, he of the Stargazers; the Bone Gnawer Igor Valkof; Mehmet, he of the Silent Striders; Katja, she of the Black Furies, and the Get of Fenris hero Ragnor. Utra, Ragnor, Boris, and Katja all died in the battle, as did Sophia, and Yuri was crushed by Sharkala as he delivered the final blow.[1]


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