The Sons of the Imperial Dragon are a Renegade gang based out of Atlanta; they are, essentially, the local equivalent to the Ku Klux Klan. They are opposed to the (skinlands) emancipation of the slaves, and espouse a philosophy of racial superiority. Their usual modus operandi is to capture wraiths, bind them in manacles and drag them down the streets of Atlanta while they shout their epithets of racial superiority. 

The Dragon-Sons have a shocking amount of influence, and despite being a violent renegade gang, the Hierarchy has remained, for the most part, neutral. War between the Sons of the Imperial Dragon and the local Hierarchy seems inevitable. Worse still, a possible alliance between the Dragon-Sons and the Heretic group the Greyboys could lead to the two groups outnumbering the local Hierarchy.

The Dragon-Sons are opposed by Sue, the Anacreon of the Legion of Paupers, who has no tolerance for them. Fights often break out between the Dragon-Sons and another Renegade group, the Shattered Chain, who oppose slavery in all its forms. The Dragon-Sons have also gained the enmity of the Hearse Riders, though they don't know why.

Notable MembersEdit

  • Albert Watts
  • Keith Forsythe
  • Thad Weidermann

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