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Name: Son of Ether, Etherite
Plural: Sons of Ether, Etherites
Pronunciation: suhnz' uhv ee'-thur
Seat: Matter
Faction: Council of Nine Mystic Traditions

Paradigm Edit

Key to the Sons' paradigm is Science (the word is always capitalised to distinguish it from the science of sleepers). Exotic theories of orgone fields, hypercombustion chambers and etheric transmission matrices enable the Etherites to create even more weird and wonderful devices. Their Science almost always has a baroque feel, as if leapt from the pages of pulp fiction or Victorian sci-fi — death rays, robotic servants built of brass and powered by clockwork and fantastic space or aquatic vehicles spring to mind when others discuss the Sons of Ether.

History Edit

Early History Edit

Dark Ages Edit

  • 1190
    • Laurent excommunicated.
  • 1195
    • Lorenzo Golo creates balloon airship; dies when it explodes.
  • 1283
    • A scroll falls into the hands of a Spanish scribe. He founds a secret society based on its precepts, which some accounts call the Pupils of Parmenides.

Renaissance Edit

  • 1325
    • Order of Reason founded. The Order began to apply scientific principles to the world around them in an attempt to catalogue and control it. Part of this goal was to protect humanity at large from the 'supernatural'. Some former House Golo members join. The various factions within the Order become known as Conventions.

Victorian Age Edit

  • 1851
    • The Order of Reason undergoes a reorganization at the Great Exposition in London. From this point on they are known as the Technocratic Union or Technocracy. Some Conventions are abolished, some are combined and some are formed. Among those renamed are the Voltarian Order, rechristened as the Electrodyne Engineers, who focus on the transmission of energy in all it's forms. One of their popular theories is the existence of luminiferous Ether.
  • 1904
    • The Technocracy vote to eliminate the concept of ether from the Consensus. This is seen by most as a message from the New World Order to the Engineers to "stay in line". The Convention rebels and defects to the Traditions, renaming themselves the Sons of Ether.

Modern Nights Edit

Organization Edit

Initiates of the Sons of Ether are often recruited from the halls of academia, where a prospective Etherite is surreptitiously given a copy of the Kitab al Alacir. Should the student show an ability to break through the barriers of conventional logic, he or she will then be guided into a mentorship.

Advancement among the Sons is much like academia. Etherites correspond and publish journals and papers on their theories, and those that are useful, interesting, and have shown practical application are given the most acclaim- especially those published in the Etherites' most prestigious journal, Paradigma.

Factions Edit

Version Differences Edit

Mage: The Ascension Traditions

Akashic Brotherhood · Celestial Chorus · Cult of Ecstasy · Dreamspeakers · Euthanatoi · Order of Hermes · Sons of Ether · Verbena · Virtual Adepts · Hollow Ones

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