Intimation sigil
Name: Solicitors
Nicknames: Green-Eyes, Controllers
Category: Forbidden
Guildmaster(s): The Center of the Wheel
Primary Arcanos: Intimation

The Solicitors are one of the 3 Minor Guilds that exist in Stygia. Solicitors practice the Arcanos of Intimation.

Officially, very little is known about the Solicitors' Guild. Unofficially, there are many rumors that run rampant through the Shadowlands, some more horrible than the next. Due to the very nature of their Arcanos, the Solicitors have rarely been welcome anywhere. The Great Guilds excluded the Solicitors from signing the Compact of the Guilds, confirming their minor status, and Intimation itself was banned by Charon and the Hierarchy sometime in the seventeenth century.

What little is known seems to be fact. The Solicitors' Guild has long served as more of a cabal than an actual Guild, gathering and training its members to extort secrets from the wraith population to increase their own power, but the mastermind behind the Guild, the Center of the Wheel, apparently has some greater goal in mind for the Solicitors.

The symbol of the Guild, the catherine wheel, clearly marks the limits they will go to collect information by bending the will of others. Some Solicitors have taken to rolling these wheels past those who have disrespected them, or perhaps are late on their payments.

Solicitors generally take two kinds of payment: a physical one, such as oboli, Artifacts, or other trinkets of value, and a mental one, generally done by demonstrating on the client themselves the type of power they are playing around with. By using their powers on willing wraiths, the Solicitors make it that much easier to control them later, further allowing them to build their network across the Shadowlands. Finding a Solicitor if so desired is an arduous process, but not entirely impossible by those who ask the right questions. Much like the Usurers, the Solicitors tend to choose their clients more than the clients choosing them.

Solicitors are named for Solicitors, a type of lawyer who advises rather than argues.

Wraith: The Oblivion Guilds

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