"Solaroid" is a term used in the Exalted fandom to refer to those Exalts who have analogous abilities to the Solar Exalted; namely, the Abyssals and the Infernals, both of whom were created from stolen Solar Sparks of Exaltation, and who share certain abilities with the Solars that surpass those of the Celestial Exalted.

Like the Solars, the "Solaroids" can use the highest tiers of Sorcery, Necromancy, and Martial Arts. Additionally, they have a number of "Mirror" Charms that are not fully unique but instead explicitly reference counterpart Solar Charms, usually twisted in some form to represent the power of the Neverborn or the Yozis, as appropriate. It is as of yet unclear to what extent these Exalts will retain their Solar-mirroring traits when they are revisited for Exalted Third Edition.

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