not to be confused with Luna

Sokhta, the Lambent Lady, is the Planetary Incarna of Earth's Moon according to Garou Astrology.

Overview Edit

Much like how Eshtarra is an aspect of Gaia, Sokhta represents only the Moon of Earth, as opposed to Luna, who reigns over all moons. Sometimes called Phoebe, she emphasizes tranquility, reflection, and practical meditation. Those born under her are elusive and subtle in their pranks. Unfortunately, she is susceptible to madness, much like her mistress, and is known for her envy.

Her colors are silver, gray, and white, and she corresponds with the zodiac sign of Cancer.

Other Names: Artemis (Black Furies), Caelestis (Children of Gaia), Frigg (Get of Fenris), Diana (Glass Walkers), Myesyats (Shadow Lords), Tsuki-yomi (Hakken Shadow Lords), Ashtoreth (Silent Striders), Hov-ava (Silver Fangs), Sokhta (Stargazers), Bomo Rambi (Uktena), Pah (Wendigo), Seline (Bastet), Phoebe (Mages).


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