Smiling Jack's Trick is a Combination Discipline between Dominate level 3 and Obfuscate level 3.


According to the legend attributed to this combination Discipline, a vicious Camarilla scourge and his lieutenant once cornered the notorious anarch Smiling Jack. Jack did his trick and the scourge turned on his loyal lieutenant while Jack escaped laughing into the night. The lieutenant was turned to ash and the scourge was disgraced, as he lost a highly esteemed lieutenant and let a known fugitive escape in the process. This Discipline uses Obfuscate to trick the mind and senses and uses Dominate to further confuse someone into believing that the user is another person in the immediate vicinity. The user can apparently switch identities with any person within 10 steps of her.


The player makes a contested Manipulation + Performance roll (difficulty of the subject’s Intelligence +5, max 10) against the subjects Wits + Subterfuge (dif 7). If the subject gains more successes, the power fails. If the character succeeds, the subject briefly but unfalteringly transposes the character using the power with another Kindred in her line of sight. Form there on out, it’s up to the character to make the best of the situation, but the strangeness of the change usually buys enough time to escape, if not to completely change the anarch’s position. Because this is still a Dominate--based power, it can only be used against mortals or kindred of equal or higher generation. The duration of the power’s effect is one hour – (10x the subject’s Intelligence) in minutes.


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