Name: Sluagh
Plural: Sluagh
Pronunciation: sloo'-agh
Nicknames: Underfolk
Thallain: Bogies

Called the underfolk by many, the sluagh (SLOO-ah) are often pariahs even among other fae. Though rumors persist of underground catacombs and mazelike lairs, many sluagh prefer crumbling Victorian mansions to dank sewers. Places dark and forgotten, often with a mushroom garden, attract them. Those who intrude into their inner sanctums often leave with nightmares. Just as they value secrets and mysteries, sluagh treasure their privacy, and do a great deal to foster reputations that discourage visitors.


Loremasters say that these Kithain were once Russian faeries who lived under mountains or mortal hearths. Now they live out of sight in the cracks of the world, hidden until they choose to venture out, sometimes to court, sometimes to mortal environs. Whether they live in parlors or crawlspaces, sluagh are unsettlingly polite and have a great love of formality. Such is even more unnerving to the other kith; boggan rumors hint at secret sluagh rituals, sacrifice and wild carnage under the earth. The underfolk enjoy the effect they have on outsiders, and are amused at the reputation they have acquired. Even redcaps fear their clammy touch.

Despite their preference for quiet, adventurous sluagh do visit the surface courts, cultivate friendships and enter oathbonds with outsiders. They will go out of their way to aid or protect an outsider who has shown them respect and friendship. These good deeds are frequently misinterpreted by other suspicious changelings, so such relationships are often brief. Still, even sluagh who find a clique they can trust need to have a secret place to which they can retreat.

The underfolk collect information ( secrets are better though), and barter their knowledge to interested parties. Revelation is joy; the more unsettling the revelation, the greater the joy. While Seelie use their knowledge for more noble ends, Unseelie can make a crooked living through blackmail. Secrets are but one commodity to them, though. Broken toys, strange knickknacks and anything resonant with nostalgia makes for an excellent item for trade. Outsiders are mystified by the value sluagh place on these items, but then again, perversity is the sluagh's trademark.

Though it is said that all sluagh follow Unseelie ways, they rarely throw in behind either Court, keeping instead to themselves. Among their own kind, these kith are generous and almost painfully formal. They regard each other with deep respect, and band together against outsiders if need be. Shrouded in mystery, the sluagh hold the secrets of their kith closest of all as they cultivate their image. In darkness they thrive.

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  • Anna, the Monster Maker.


Sluagh are actually a real Irish and Scottish myth[1]. They also make an appearance on the TV show Lost Girl on the first episode of season two as exiled Fae.



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