Slivers are Exiles whose parameters have been damaged and whose internal programming has become malignant.


Slivers come into being when an Exile continually refuses to act according to its parameters or if an occult matrix was flawed and produces only a garbled version of the intended Angel. A sliver’s mind has fallen to the all-consuming whispers of its parameters. Its urges are inscrutable, pure-strain forms of an Incarnation’s tendencies. Other self-aware constructs of the God-Machine pity the Slivers and see them as largely harmless castoffs. Nevertheless, their existence is a threat and both Demons and Angels quickly put any Sliver they encounter to death.

A few common elements exist between slivers: none of them are wholly sane, most perform repetitive tasks related to their parameters, and their bodies are horrifically broken by their transformation. Slivers have no Cover and spend most of their time in Twilight. Like other angels, they can use Infrastructure to materialize, or use the expenditure of Aether to pull themselves into the material world. When a Sliver is active for a long time, the occult physics around its location become disturbed, leading to a slow warping of reality.