Slither and Squirm is the Tunnelgrub’s blessing.

The Darkling blessed with it slips and slides and wriggles through tight spaces and out of handcuffs and other bonds. The player spends a point of Glamour. The changeling can get through spaces that are only just too narrow for her to get through, spaces that would otherwise leave her completely stuck. The changeling gets to roll Dexterity + Athletics to wriggle out of ropes or handcuffs. If it’s a long distance, such as a chimney or a sewage pipe, the player needs to make an extended roll, earning at least three successes, perhaps more, depending on the length of the tunnel. A dramatic failure means that the character is stuck and can’t escape on her own or try again using this talent (if the changeling is caught in the middle of a tunnel, this could be disastrous, because she can’t get out on her own).


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