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The Sisterhood of Sekhmet is a feministic Gehenna cult within the ranks of the Followers of Set. They are primary centered on the subversion of female vampires from the Camarilla, whom they see as male-dominated and chauvinistic.

A product of the 20th century, the Sisterhood of Sekhmet rose only recently to prominence. Despite the fact that Sekhmet was a goddess connected mainly to the sun-god Ra (as many theophidian scholars are quick to point out), the Sisterhood adapted her as a symbol of feminine power. The Followers of Set who guide the Sisterhood teach the Revelations of the Void as ways to get in touch with the “Inner Lioness” and eventually introduce Set as the great consort of Sekhmet. Problematically, this message tends to drown out and many cells ignore Set deliberately despite the best efforts from their patrons, much to the distress of the Sekhmetans and amusement of other cults.

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